Have you written a thesis or other academic work and want to improve its English?


We can help you improve the text so that your writing gives editors and examiners the best first impression.


After we copy-edit your work, it will read clearly and be free of grammatical errors. Your logic and key ideas will be evident, greatly enhancing your chances of positive feedback from your editor or examiner. This service is more than just proof-reading; it is a thorough examination of your writing that will make it attractive and precise.


We offer a free 30-minute video chat (in English or Mandarin) to discuss your work, your expectations and the editing process. 


The fee depends on the length of your work and the quality of your English. The prices below are based on an 8,000 word article and are estimates only:


Light edit (check for typographic errors, ensure adherence to style guide, basic stylistic edits) - $300 AUD


Medium edit (as above, plus more precise edits to enhance your clarity of expression) - $600 AUD


Heavy edit (as above, with major alterations to improve the readability of your text) - $1,000 AUD


Following perusal of your text and discussing what you require, the above prices may vary. Please contact me for further details.


A typical editing consultation is outlined below:

1. You prepare an English-language academic document, either translated or an English original;


2. We discuss your plan over a video chat, email or by phone. Once we both are clear about your goals and timelines, you provide us the document along with the style guide from the intended publication, and pay a 50% deposit;


3. Upon receipt of your deposit, we edit the document and return it to you within the agreed timeframe;


4. We discuss any questions that you may have, ensuring our agreed expectations are met; and


5. You submit the document to the publisher and pay us the remaining 50%.

Capital Academic Advisory accepts payment via WeChat, Paypal or bank deposit.